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Geyser is a high efficiency heat pump water heater which connects to an existing electric, gas, oil, or propane water heater tank in a home or business. Geyser makes use of a renewable energy source � the ambient air and humidity in a garage, basement or utility room � to heat the water.

Heating water is typically the second largest cost of energy in a home (after heating/cooling). An average family spends in excess of $600 to heat water per year.

Traditional and high efficiency water heating systems are only 60% to 95% efficient. Geyser is 400% efficient. This means for every 1 Kilowatt or BTU of energy required to operate Geyser, an amazing 4.0 Kilowatts or BTU's of energy are released directly to heat your water.

Geyser is so advanced, that even the small amount of heat generated by the unit is recycled and pumped back into the hot water tank.

Because Geyser uses surrounding renewable energy efficiently, total energy costs are proportionally reduced meaning fewer greenhouse gas emissions, a smaller overall carbon footprint and a safer, healthier environment.

If water heaters were replaced with Geyser, as a nation we would avoid 19,600,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions (and 140 other greenhouse noxious gases) the equivalent of taking 1,600,000 cars off the road. It is beyond green: as a nation, using less energy is a stability factor and helps our national security.

The amazing bi-product of Geyser water heater is that surrounding room is cooled and dehumidified � reducing mold and mildew. The Geyser removes up to 50 pints of moisture per day in a 10' X 15' room. The cost of operating an average sized dehumidifier is around $365 per year and the purchase price can be $200-$400. In rooms with a clothes dryer, the Geyser recycles the heat produced by the clothes dryer into the water tank.

Installing Geyser close to an existing water heater is a simple step that anyone can take to help the environment and reduce demand on fossil fuels. The Geyser qualifies for the Federal 30% Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Equipment for an installed price up to $5,000. Additional local government & utility incentives are also be available. Installing Geyser to an existing electric, gas, oil, or propane water heater tank is an easy job for your professional installer.

Geyser's reliability and short pay back makes it the logical alternative to installing a solar water heating system. As a matter of fact Geyser is the perfect complement to reduce payback time for Solar systems. When Geyser is combined with a Marathon low loss water Tank, even greater efficiencies can be obtained. Finally, Geyser can be be installed as a Whole House Instant Water Heater because it has a built-in circulation pump. Geyser is at least half the operation and acquisition costs of Instant-tankless systems and will reduce operation cost and increase efficiencies of any Solar Water Heating Systems. Geyser is green. Geyser has the smallest carbon footprint of any water heating technologies that is why we say Geyser is the most flexible and the most energy efficient way to heat water on the market today!

Estimated 10-Year Average Total Ownership Costs

Source: DOE December 2008 national average energy prices and average water usage in USA.


Geyser features:
- Much smaller carbon footprint than Solar Water Heating
- High efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater (400%)
- 50-75% energy savings over regular heating sources
- Fail safe design ensures hot water at all times
- Suitable for any size residential water tank
- Engineered for flexible, safe and quick installation
- Virtually maintenance free
- Dehumidifies and cools surrounding air
- 5-year limited warranty
- Fast recovery and first hour hot water availability
- Quality built - complies with Buy American Act Criteria
- Small footprint
- Air intake and air exhaust can be ducted
- COP can be increased with attic air
- Geyser specifications:
- 6,000 BTU/hour
- R401-A refrigerant
- Default tank setting is 120�F (49� C) in accordance with Department of Energy Guidelines
- Adjustable from 90-140� F (32-60� C)
- 14 gal/hr (54 Liter) recovery @ 120�F (49� C) tank temperature with 60�F (15.5� C) water supply
- 64 gallon (242.2 Liter) first hour rating**
- 115 Volt / 60 hertz operation
- 5-10 Amp draw (suitable for any 115 volt household outlet)
- Durable powder coated steel cabinet for years of trouble free service
- Dimensions: 16� (40.6 cm) width x 15� (38.1 cm) height x 20� (50.8 cm) depth
- QPS/SGS Listed (UL-1995 and CSA C22.2 No. 236)
- Built-in circulation pump, easy set-up as Whole House Instant Water Heater
- Vented heat exchanger - meets all local and national codes
- Energy Factor (EF) 3.0
- Geyser weigh: 70 pounds

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