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Thermo Pride's Oil-Fired Furnace

Fox Heating Service proudly represents the
Thermo Pride line of oil-fired furnaces

Thermo Pride Furnaces - Because It's To Your Advantage

When you compute the benefits of today's oil fired furnaces: comfort, proven performance, reliability, serviceability, quality construction, and high operating efficiencies ... the answer adds up to THERMO PRIDE.

Since 1946 THERMO PRIDE has listened to consumers and found new ways to satisfy their demands for the best, most reliable, and efficient oil fired furnaces. As a homeowner, you buy a furnace because you want a warm, comfortable home. But, you also want one that will efficiently use fuel, be dependable, easy to maintain, and last a long time. We have concentrated our efforts on product improvement to assure you the highest quality.

When you buy a THERMO PRIDE, you are buying the best. Every THERMO PRIDE oil furnace is built with traditional, dependable craftsmanship. What this means to you is quiet reliable, long lasting performance. Quality that will keep your family comfortable for years to come. Smooth, trouble-free operation that will serve your needs as long as you live in your home. THERMO PRIDE simply refuses to cut corners. Your comfort means too much to us.

As a THERMO PRIDE owner, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the heat exchanger, the heart of'an oil furnace, is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, AND it has been since 1955.

The proven longevity of THERMO PRIDE's heat exchanger, combined with the Limited Lifetime Warranty, helps eliminate the risk and worry of having to repeat a substantial investment. Should you sell your home, the warranty will be transferred automatically to the new owners. You will also appreciate the "peace of mind" 5 year parts warranty.

#1. Exclusive 13 Gauge Steel "Octatherm" Design Heat Exchanger. Helps retain combustion gases longer for better heat transfer, and the maximum in heating efficiency.

#2. Copper Coating on heat exchanger. Resists corrosion from high humidity in the home for longer furnace life, protecting your investment.

#3. Interlocking insulated furniture steel casing. Helps retain heat within the furnace; prevents annoying vibrations during operations; painted inside and outside with special baked-on metallic enamel to insure long life and appearance.

#4. Distinctively styled rounded corners. Adds structural strength and appearance to this quality crafted furnace.

#5. Automatic/Manual Fan & Limit Control. Regulates the air distribution blower; prevents overheating by detecting internal temperatures, then if necessary, shuts the burner down.

#6. Conveniently Located Inspection Ports. Provide lower cost maintenance through easier access for heat exchanger inspection.

#7. Permanent Air Filter. Means cleanliness, convenience, and cost savings over disposable air filters.

#8. Quality High Efficiency Split-Phase Belt-Drive Blower Motor. Means reduced energy bills, longer motor life, and therefore, savings.

#9. Primary Control Module. Controls and monitors the proper operation of the oil burner.

#10. Versatile, Full Width Belt Drive Blower. Can be fine tuned for maximum comfort and efficiency. Its quiet operation is enhanced by insulated rubber mounts.

#11. Thermo Pride, Flame Retention, High Efficiency, Oil Burner. Achieves its high efficiency through exacting mixtures of fuel and air. It's equipped with an insulating sleeve that helps protect the stainless steel tube and end cone from high temperatures.

#12. Ceramic Refractory. Affords better heat conduction to the heat exchanger for greater efficiency. This durable ceramic chamber is designed with a corbel top which helps assure more complete combustion and quietness of operation.

#13. Elevated, Solid-Surface Base. Prevents moisture from forming under the base thereby eliminating possible corrosion.

Additional Items Not Shown

- Barometric Draft Regulator
- Optional, Four Speed, direct drive blower
- Gas-Fired burner option


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