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The safe, simple and effective solutions to pipeline root intrusion!

Now anyone can have a cool house without duct work!!!

Ductless cooling systems made by Daikin

Wall-mounted type Inverter

Daikin's Quaternity series of air conditioners is the first in the world* to offer drying functions for humidity control along with fresh air supply ventilation.  It provides advanced climate control for an optimally comfortable indoor environment.

*As of October 1999 when released in Japan.

Wall-mounted type Inverter FTK(X)S/FTK(X)D series

The stylish flat panel design creates a simplicity and sophistication that enhances any interior space. The flat panel can be cleaned with a single wipe.  This series offers the choice of "5-step", "quiet" or "Automatic" fan speeds. This wide range of settings allows multi-level control of the fan speed to suit your requirements. For example, Outdoor unit quiet operation decreases the sound level 3 dB below the "Low" setting guarantees you a good night's sleep.

Wall-mounted type Inverter FTXG-E series

The advanced FTXG-E series achieves a new simplicity, combining high performance with a stylish compact form in a mere 150 mm deep housing. Employs a DC converter inverter, Titanium apatite photocatalytic air-purifying filter, and unique cutting-edge technologies that achieve a COP of over 4.

The refreshingly simple front panel is exquisitely styled and discreet. It blends in with any type of room without affecting the interior decor.


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