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Now you can end annoying slow drains and eliminate clogs with Bio Clean Drain Cleaner!

BIO-CLEAN is sold by: Fox Heating Service, Inc.
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(For Instructions See Container) Special Cases. Totally blocked pipe: Get the drain to take water using plunger or cable. Then follow instructions on container. If it cannot be cabled, add I Tbsp. in I pint of water each day. Plunge once per day. Since the bacteria must eat through the length of the blockage this could take days or even weeks (but that's better than replacing your pipes!).

If extended treatment and plunging don't restore full flow, some inorganic matter (e.g. toy, glass, toothbrush, bobby pins) is in the line and will have to be removed manually.

When garbage disposal, dishwasher or washing machine is connected to septic: One Tbsp. of Bio-Clean in I pint water should be added each WEEK to each of these drains.

Very hard water causes slime in toilet tanks. To eliminate add 2 Tbsp. as needed. Do not flush for several hours.

Mix 1 tablespoon Bio-Clean with I pint water. Turn on disposal. Dump mixture in and quickly turn off disposal. Do not use for several hours. Repeat as needed.

Before using Bio-Clean check the solids on top of the waste. If it is hard, measure it. Pump the tank/cesspool if either the crust exceeds six inches in thickness OR the sludge build-up on the bottom is 12 inches or more. If there is a thin crust, break up thoroughly and slosh initial treatment over the top.

Wait 2 -3 weeks after pumping before applying product.

Tank Size Amt. Bio-Clean Water
500 gals. 1.0 lb. 2 gals.
750 gals. 1.5 tbs. 3 gals.
1,000 gals. 2.0 tbs. 4 gals.
1,250 gals. 2.5 tbs. 5 gals.
1,500 gals. 3.0 tbs. 6 gals.

Cesspools: Double the amount of Bio-Clean.
Stir up the mixture and pour directly into tank, cesspool or into a drain going into tank. Apply at a time when no water will be run for several hours, e.g. at bedtime.

Biodegradable cleaners help your tank/cesspool work better.

Conservative and occasional use of bowl cleaners and bleaches is compatible. Avoid using chlorinated dishwashing and laundry detergents. @ @ = automatic bowl cleaners (the type that dispense with each flush). Your system depends upon bacteria. Killing them with chemicals will result in expensive pumping or even field replacement.

Absorption fields with water on the surface, may be restored by treating the distribution box. For every 50 ft. of lateral pipe add 1 lb. Bio-Clean mixed with 2 gals. water. Repeat every 3 to 4 weeks until surface water is gone. If there is no distribution box, contact your professional plumber for directions.

Unlike other products you will not need to add I cup of product monthly provided the house drains are treated according to the directions on the can. If You Have Well Water Acid water is very detrimental to biological action and plumbing. You can prevent costly repair bills by contacting us if the pH of your water is below 7.0.

Nothing is more effective for biodegrading waste in septic systems than Bio-Clean. But no product can fix mechanical problems. We recommend Bio-Clean as part of a program of preventative maintenance which includes regular inspection of the tanks and baffles, and the proper use of water and drainage systems.

Cat litter boxes: Sprinkle 1/8" Bio- Clean in bottom of pan. Add litter. Sprinkle another 1/8" on top. Add more as needed.

Motor Homes & Boats:  After first use of facilities, sprinkle I Tbsp. into the toilet (2 Tbsp. for 3 or more people). This will last until tank is full (up to 5 days). If an odor is noticed before dumping occurs, an additional 1 Tbsp. may be used.

Outhouses (Residential):  Mix I cup of Bio-Clean in I gal. water. Pour over the waste using a sprinkling can. Keep waste wet by spraying periodically with clear water. Treat once a month with 2 Tbsp. of Bio-Clean in 1/2 gal. of water.

Ask your plumber about directions for commercial use.

Bio-Clean Home  |  Bio-Clean Story  |  Applications  |  FAQ's  |  Testimonials

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